Need a website? It doesn’t have to be that expensive …

An instructional story, although I will omit names to save from embarrassing anyone.

When I was first staring this business, I went back to college to update my skills and obtain my certifications in web design and programming. As a requirement for graduation, we had to pick a non-profit organization from a given list and create a website for them from start to finish.

One of the guys was having issues with the group he was assigned to. Apparently they had issues with what he was doing and didn’t like any of the things he sent their way. In class one day he was venting about it and said, “I don’t know what they’re complaining about. They’re getting a $10,000 website for free!”

Everybody else in the class nodded their heads in agreement, but I was left there thinking, “You know … considering how much work you’ve done, this site shouldn’t cost more that 4 or 5 hundred dollars tops!”

I had heard of another designer who created a WordPress site for a business, threw it together using a pre-made template and some freeware graphics and then charged $20,000 for it.

If your web designer is charging you that much for a simple site, he’d better be prepared to defend you in court or take out your appendix as well. Because he’s charging lawyer / doctors fees for it.

And there’s my point. A website doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t have to that expensive. Do you need a website but have been reluctant because of the outrageous fees that some are charging? Come talk to us. I think you’ll be surprised at how inexpensive it can be!

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