Responsive Websites: Now More Important Than Ever

20I’ve talked before about the benefits of responsive design and the importance of having a mobile friendly website. More than half the internet traffic in the world is now coming from mobile devices. While the desktop is not dead yet, the mobile browser is slowly but surely taking over.

That’s where responsive design comes in. Most small companies can’t afford to create separate websites for both desktop computers and mobile devices. There is such a wide disparity in the screen sizes of mobile devices that it can be difficult as a designer to satisfy all of them. But a responsive design automatically adjusts itself to any size screen, be it a 3000 pixels wide desktop monitor all the way down to a 300 pixels wide iPhone.

And now, as far as your Google listing is concerned, it’s more important that ever. Google just released an update to their algorithm that gives greater weight to whether your website is mobile friendly or not, giving a higher ranking to those that are. So, you may find yourself taking a hit in your Google rankings in favor of your competitors!

I had originally thought that this would only affect searches done through a mobile device. After all, it would make sense that, if you were doing a search on a mobile phone that Google should send you to a site that is designed for a mobile phone. But I am hearing stories now that that is not necessarily the case. Some customers report that after the update came out, they notice an immediate drop in their rankings.

So, now more than ever, it’s time for you to bring your site up to date and see if it’s ready for the future. or rather, if it’s ready for the now! At Marshmallow Fox Web Design, we’re ready to help you make your site responsive and adaptable to any device, and help your business grow!



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