Scam Alert!

There is a new scam going around that we have been the target of personally, so I can vouch for its authenticity.

You will get a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft. They will tell you that through their monitoring they have discovered a virus on your computer. If you ask “which one” they will say “all of them!”

I haven’t followed the phone call any further than this to find out exactly what they are up to, but it is either one of two things: they either want you to download some software which will most likely make your computer more infected than it wasn’t before (read that carefully) or they are going to try to get you to sign up for a virus protection service and get you to give them your credit card number. Then it’s bye bye credit score!

Microsoft is not in the business of calling individual households to tell them about computer problems, nor do they monitor your computer for viruses from their home office.

I tell them that I use an Apple computer. That usually gets them to hang up real quick. My wife says that if they call her at work, she’s going to try to get them to tell her which computer since she works in a facility with probably over 1000 of them.

At any rate, it’s a complete scam. Don’t fall for it.


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