Three SEO Tricks You Can Do Yourself (in the Privacy of Your Own Home!)

1287369_60933722Many people consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be an arcane science full of esoteric knowledge and tricks. And many SEO managers want to present it that way. They have their jobs to protect, after all, and if people knew how easy it can sometimes be, they’d be out of a paycheck. But, it’s not that hard, really. Let’s look at the top three things you can do to generate traffic to your site.

1: Promote, promote, promote.

For the most part, people aren’t going to know you have a website unless you tell them so. Do you have a billboard out on the highway? Make sure your URL is on it. Use a letterhead? (Yes, some people do still use snail mail.) Make sure your URL is there along with your contact information. And do the same with any emails you send out. Make sure it’s on your business card. Everywhere you give someone your name and address should also give them the URL of your website. Your billboards and business cards are only the introduction to your business. Your website will give them the whole story.

2: Content, content, content.

I can’t keep pounding this into my customers heads enough. Google loves content. The more content you have on your site, the more it can index and the greater your chances of being found. Don’t put too much on one page, though. Internet users tend to scan rather than read, so make it brief and to the point and spread it out through the site.

Not only does Google love content, but it loves new content. Keep your content fresh, add new pages, change things around a bit every now and then. Maybe you’ve gotten customers to visit your site once. Now you want to give them a reason to come back to your site. So, give them something new to look at or read every now and then.

3: Link, link, link

Once you’ve put something new on your site, tell people about it! Why wait for people to happen upon it by chance? Use an email service like Constant Contact to get the word out. Put links on your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages. (Remember, however, not to use Facebook as your website. Use Facebook to drive visitors to your website.) Don’t be afraid to go out and tell people that you have exciting new content and they should really go look at it.

After all, it’s how I got you to come to my website, isn’t it?

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